Mediabox-PA uses the folder tree located in the left-hand column of the Product Approval page to keep track of projects in the system and their status.

A project may be in any one of these Project Status folders at any time during the approval process. All the folders are visible to users, but users see only the projects that they own or are assigned to. Site Administrators see all submitted projects.

Following is a description of the Project Status folders:

New Projects
New projects awaiting Licensor approval into the workflow
Note: If the Licensor has set up the Licensee company for automatic approval, new projects bypass this folder and go directly to the Submissions for Licensor folder (see below).
Submissions for Licensor
Project submissions under review by the Licensor
Note: Licensees can view submissions while the project is in this folder, but cannot add a new submission to the project.
Comments for Licensee
Project submissions that have been reviewed and closed by the Licensor
Licensees can view Licensor comments and add a submission to the project
Adding a submission moves the project back to the Submissions for Licensor folder for review.
Projects on Hold
Projects placed on hold by a Licensor or Licensee until further notice
Completed Projects
Projects that have completed the approval process
Cancelled Projects
Projects that have been cancelled by the Licensor or Licensee
Declined Projects
New projects that are not approved to enter the workflow
Advanced Search
Not a Project Status folder, but enables users to view and search all of the projects that they own or are assigned to

The folder that opens by default when a user logs in to Mediabox-PA depends on the user’s assigned Group. For example, Licensees see the Comments for Licensee folder by default . Users can change this default setting in their account settings by changing the Project List Preference.