In order for a new email address to receive the email notifications from the site:

  • Understand that notifications are sent to the project owner and licensee team members
  • If your request is for someone else to receive emails about your project, please note that changing your email address will only impact your account login email and your messages. Your account cannot be configured so that email notifications will go to someone not registered on Mediabox or not on the Licensee team for your project.
  • If your email address has changed, please discuss the change of email address with your Licensor contact. Mediabox does not manage user accounts and cannot update your email address. Your licensor can make these modifications, if they choose to do so, by inviting the new email to register. Once the new email is registered, your projects can be transferred from your old account into your new one, and then your old account will be removed from the site.
  • The new email address must be registered with your Licensor's Mediabox site in order to receive email notifications. You could also register your new email address and wait for the pending account to be approved, or you could request that the Licensor send an email invitation to register the new email address as mentioned above.

Please note: You cannot change your email in your profile.