Using Advanced Search


To use Advanced Search     

  1. In the Media pane, select a folder to search within. Note that selecting the top-level Media folder searches all the folders in the Media pane.
  2. Click More to open the Advanced Search dialog.

In the Advanced Search dialog, do the following:

  • Select a metadata category (e.g. title).
  • Select how the keyword or phrase should be searched (e.g. exact match).
  • In the String Value field, enter the keyword or phrase to search for. 

  1. To refine a search even further, click the plus sign (+) and repeat step 2. For each new parameter, select from the following:
  • And - To add the parameter to the search
  • Or - To search either one parameter or the next
  • Not - To exclude the parameter from the search    
  1. To remove a parameter from the search, click the minus (-) sign.    
  2. When finished, click Search.      
  3. To cancel the search, click Cancel.