Users can browse and preview assets in Mediabox-DAM without downloading them to their computer. In addition, information such as metadata and a description of the asset are available to view. Note that users can browse only the assets that they have access to.

To browse and preview assets

  1. Browse to a Media or My Media folder that contains assets.
  2. Click on thumbnail image to view an enlarged image. 

  1. To see details about the asset, click the enlarged image. The preview window opens in a new tab.
    • Use the arrow buttons below the preview to rotate the image, and use the plus/minus (+/-) buttons or slider to zoom in or out.
    • If the asset is an audio or video clip, clicking Play in the preview window opens the Media Player in a new window.
    • To see information about the asset, click the Metadata and Description tabs next to the preview window.
  2. Other images in the same folder are shown as thumbnails in a carousel at the bottom of the preview tab. Click a thumbnail to select and open another preview, using the left and right arrows to navigate through the carousel.

Downloading preview files

Image previews can be downloaded individually or in batches, and include a watermark of the logged-in user's email address. 

NOTE:  The watermark is not present when the original file or a file transform is downloaded.