The most commonly reported problem to MyMediabox support is user login issues. We understand the importance of being able to login to get to your approvals, access assets or submit royalty reports and know time can be of essence. Below is a complete list of issues we see, and how it can be resolved so you are able to access the Mediabox application you need. 

Invalid username/password:

  • Check you are entering the correct email address registered. If your emails changes, you may be registered under your old email
  • Ensure your email is correct in the Email field. Sometimes your browser may save the Link ID used to register instead your email address

Wrong password entered:

  • All Mediabox sites use the same email and password to sign in, even if it is a different Licensor site. Ensure you are using the correct password to login/register and if you update your password for one Licensor, remember to use the new one for any other accounts you have.
  • If your browser is set to auto-fill passwords, be sure your most up-to-date password is what is being filled in, and if you get an error, try typing your password directly into the password field
  • Your password can be reset at any time. Each login page has a link to request a new password 

Error message "Account Access Expired": 

  • If your access is expired, this means an account stop date was set and the date has now passed.  NOTE: Your Mediabox Account End Date is set up by Licensor Site Administrators. It may not correlate with your contract with the Licensor.   You will need have your account access extended by a site administrator at the Licensor's office. When they modify the account end date you receive an email notification your account has been updated and will regain access immediately. 

Error message "Account is Pending":

  • If your account is pending, you have yet to be approved by the Licensor site administrators, and will need to wait to be approved. When you request access to the Licensor's Product Approval site, your profile is registered but will not be able to login until site administrator has reviewed the request and approved the account. If your account is approved (or declined) you will receive an email notification when your account status has been updated. If you need immediate access reach out to your Licensor contact. 

Error message "Account Suspended":

  • Your account access is Suspended by Licensor Site Administrators at their discretion for reasons such as inactivity (no recent logins). An email notification is sent at the time of your account's suspension. If you no longer need access you can disregard the email. If you do still need to login you must reach out to your Licensor contact. 

Error message "Account not Found":

  • This error means your email is not registered to this site. Each MyMediabox application (Product Approvals, Digital Assets, Royalty Management) is separate registration. If you receive this error then you will need to reach out to your Licensor contact for an invitation.
  • Be sure you are entering the correct registered email and there are no typos.

If you still are not sure why you can't login please click the Support button to submit a ticket. 

In the meantime, here's some password humor: