Need to add the next stage and hit a roadblock while you are on a tight deadline? Please read through below troubleshooting tips for ways to resolve the issue you are experiencing.

Click Submit and nothing happens:

  • Note text is formatted (copy/pasted from a document or email) or too long. Solution: Type short note directly in the field or paste from a utility like Notepad to un-format text. *Only 1000 characters including spaces are supported* 
  • The file added is corrupted. Solution: Add valid file 

Click Add Submission and you see Product Code screen, not the screen where to add files:

  • The Licensor may require the product SKU number at any stage in the approvals process.

    When the SKU number is required, you will be prompted to enter the necessary information into

    the Product Code Updater. The Product Code Updater will open automatically, before you are

    able to add the next submission.

  • Here's a link to instructions on how to enter your product code: How to Update Product Code

Click Add Submission and asked for Sample Tracking Details:

  • Licensors can request Sample Tracking details in the Approvals process at certain stages of development. You will be prompted to enter the tracking information in order to add your new submission. 
  • If you do not have samples/tracking details - please indicate in your submission notes and input data in the required fields (i.e. n/a) and enter Number Shipped as "1".  
  • Here's a link on how to enter sample tracking details: How to enter Sample Tracking details