Technical Support for Software Services:

Monday - Friday between 9:30AM GMT and 11:30PM GMT (4:30AM EST and 6:30PM EST) (1.513.263.9910) and “”. 

Technical Support shall include support for incidents that technical staff are required to resolve, including site outages, functionality errors, bugs or any technical issues that prevent access to the site. 

After hours Technical Support will be available between the hours of 7:30PM (EST) and 7:30AM (EST) and will connect the caller with the on-call support technician. 

Emails sent to ““ will also be routed to the on-call support technician.  

Response times will depend on the urgency of the incident. Calls regarding site outages or system failures that prevent access to the Software Services are considered Urgent Maintenance and will be addressed and receive a response within one (1) hour.  Calls or emails that are non-urgent in nature, such as how a specific feature works, will be responded to within the Customer’s business day.