Glossary of terms

Following are KEY terms and definitions used to describe the approvals workflow in Mediabox-PA:





The main unit of work in Mediabox-PA

Represents an item, product or stock-keeping unit (SKU) that is submitted by a Licensee or Agent for approval by the Licensor

Holds submissions, Licensor comments for each submission and other information



Each time a Licensee or Agent sends files, such as artwork, for approval through Mediabox-PA, it is called a submission

Submissions are always associated with a project, and a  single project can have many submissions


Approval Stage

A particular stage in the approval process or workflow

Defined by Licensor requirements and product types


  • Concept
  • Final Art
  • Pre-production
  • Contractual Sample

Submission Status

The current status of the most recent submission

Tells the Licensee what is expected and if the project can progress to the next Approval Stage


  • Resubmit with changes
  • Approved with changes
  • Approved
  • Not approved

Project Status

The current status of the project as a whole

Indicated by where the project is located in the folders on the left-hand side of the Product Approval interface (see also Project Status folder tree)

Project status:

  • New Projects
  • Submissions for Licensor
  • Comments for Licensee
  • Projects on Hold
  • Completed Projects
  • Cancelled Projects
  • Declined Projects

Product Type/Category

The type of product


  • Apparel
  • Toys
  • Puzzles
  • Stationery


The licensed property, brand or intellectual property owned by the Licensor



The Licensee company



Submits and manages projects on behalf of one or more Licensees



The Licensor company that owns the Property or Properties



An end user of the system

Users can include employees of the Licensor, Licensee, or Agent