The Project List pane shows all the projects in a selected folder that are owned by or assigned to a user, with information about each project displayed in columns.

Following is a description of columns in the Project List pane:




Date of the last submission

Created by

Licensee or Agent company that created the project

Created for

Licensee company


Licensed property


Product name used by the Licensee

Product #

Reference number used by the Licensee for the product (e.g. SKU number)

Project #

Unique identifier for the project

Contains company code and property code

Automatically generated by the system

Product Type

Selected from a preconfigured list of product types (e.g. Toys, Apparel)


Submission stage


Country where the Licensee is located


Lead Reviewer assigned to the project


Agent company (if applicable)


Group number if the project is a sub-project or has sub-projects associated with it


Preconfigured Licensee company code

Project List thumbnails

Hovering the mouse over a Project Number in the Project List pane displays up to five thumbnail images of the assets included in the most recent submission.

Using the Attachment Talent option, a Lead Reviewer can designate a specific file as the project's primary thumbnail.

Rollover Status Count

In the Submissions for Licensor folder, hovering the mouse over the Reviewers Commented (leftmost) column in the Project List opens a popup window where Lead Reviewers can see the number of Reviewers who have added comments or a Reviewer Submission Approval Status to the submission.

Lead Reviewers can use this information to determine whether to close a submission without having to open the project and verify who has commented.

Project List navigation menu

The navigation menu at the top of the project list allows users to select actions and open the Project Wizard.

My Announcements

In the top right-hand corner of the screen, the user’s display name is shown alongside the My Announcements menu link and the My Account dropdown menu.

If there are unread announcements, a red circle with a number appears next to the My Announcements link, indicating the number of unread announcements from the Licensor.

To read announcements

  1. Click My Announcements to open the My Announcements page and select the tabs to see Active Announcements (unread) or Previous Announcements (read).
  2. To view or close the announcement message, click +. If you must Acknowledge the Announcement click Action Required.
  3. To return to the Product Approval page, click X.

My Announcements

NOTE  If the Licensor requires users to acknowledge a message before accessing the site, the My Announcements page appears right after logging in. Users must acknowledge that they’ve read the announcement by selecting a checkbox before they can continue to the Product Approval page.

My Account

The My Account dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner contains links to access contact information and Help tutorials, manage account settings, reset the interface to standard settings, or log out of Mediabox-PA.