Mediabox does not manage access to the sites or to any properties. Unless your issue is a technical problem, Mediabox will not be able to assist. If you are unsure of what the problem is, please feel free to inquire with Mediabox Support; but, keep in mind that we can only advise you to contact the Licensor. MyMediabox does not have any authority over the licensor's site, and we cannot answer when someone will be able to resolve an account-related issue that requires Licensor Admin action.  If you are getting an error message or having any type of issue with your account, please contact the site administrator or your Licensor point of contact for the site. If you are unsure of who to contact, please visit the Contact Us or Help pages of your Licensor's site. 

Here's a few examples:

Scenario 1:

It's your first time using Mediabox, and you aren't given options to select from in a drop-down field such as contract or property. Since you are not familiar with the site operation, you aren't sure if the system is working normally, or if you're experiencing a user-related issue, or if there is some sort of problem with the site or your account. In these cases, it's likely best to contact the Licensor/Site Administrator directly. The licensor manages all user accounts, so if the problem is a result of an account-related issue, the site administrator can often resolve your issue quickly. 

Scenario 2:

You use Mediabox every day, and you have noticed a feature that normally works is not working, such as clicking OK but nothing happens. Even though your issue could still be a user-related problem, for example you're using an unsupported web browser to access the site, and a Site Admin may not be able to resolve the problem, they may know tips and workarounds, as well as knowing the best way to contact Mediabox (SUPPORT button on site). In this scenario, it is advisable to consult with both parties (email the licensor Site Admin and copy 

Scenario 3:

Your login attempts result in error messages. Please read the error message entirely and contact the Licensor directly. Be sure to include what the error message says. For error messages about: Account Pending; Account Access Expired; Suspended accounts; No Access to Existing Properties; No Contracts; Invalid user name/password; etc., these are all scenarios where you are told exactly what the issue is in the error message and therefore should be passed to the Licensor for resolution.

Scenario 4:

You can't log into the site. When you attempt to log in, you receive an error message that your email/password doesn't match. First, ensure there are no typos in your email address. (Keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive. An extra space accidentally included after the email address could be the issue! Don't assume that copy/paste is error-proof.) If your email address is correct, then the problem may be your password. No one at Mediabox or the licensor knows or can see your password, so your best option at this point is to reset the password. Since requesting a new password and resetting it is a process that can be done anytime for any reason, you don't need assistance from the Licensor or Mediabox.