Submissions are the files submitted by the project owner for approval by the Licensor at each Approval Stage. A submission can be added to a project only when the project is in the Comments for Licensee folder. Once a submission is added, the project moves to the Submissions for Licensor folder for review.

Adding a submission via the Project Detail pane

To add a submission via the Project Detail pane

  1. Select the Comments for Licensee folder and click on the project to select it and show project details.
  2. In the Project Detail pane, click Add Submission.

  1. In the Add Submission dialog, do the following:
  • Add Submission Notes.
  • Select the Attachment Type.
  • To add a URL where files can be viewed, click Attach URL, enter the URL and then click Attach Link.
  • If applicable, enter information about the attachment using the icons above and below the attachment thumbnail.
  • Click Submit and then OK to add the submission. A message box opens to confirm that the submission has been added.