A new project is a brand new project that does not already exist in the system.  New projects are usually created for a single product or SKU. Every new project is assigned a unique Project Number that contains the company code of your assigned company, property code of property selecting creating new project, and a number, for example, “MYCOMPANY-LIC-001234.”


To start a new project:


  1. At the top of the Project List pane, click New Project to open the Project Wizard.

            Next, a series of forms opens to enter information about the project. Complete each form and then click Save to save             the information and move to the next form:

  • Rights Management (displays only when the Licensor site is integrated with a contract management system, such as Mediabox-RM) – Enter or select contractual and rights information for the project, such as contract number, property type, territories, and distribution channels. If you do not see this in your Licensor's PA site, please s


  • Project Details – Enter or select details about the project, such as the product name, product type, approval stage, and so on. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk [*] and outline in red.    

  • Submission Notes – Enter additional information or a note to the Licensor.


  • Licensee Team– To give colleagues access to the project, add Licensee Team members here:   
    • Select users from the Users list that appears on the right-hand side
    • To be added to the Licensee Team, users must be approved Mediabox-PA users who are assigned to the same Licensee company.

  • Attachments– Add attachments such as artwork and other files to the project:
    • Click Browse to select files to upload from your computer. Selected files show in the file list
    • To delete a file from the list, click the red minus icon next to the Status column. To view an updated file list, click Refresh. To add more files, click Add Files again Trash icon under the attachment
    • When finished, click Upload. When the green progress bar reaches 100% the files have been successfully uploaded to the project.
    • Once files are uploaded, the file name can be edited or files can be deleted.

  • To change the file name, click the pencil icon above the thumbnail and enter a new name. Click the disk icon to save.
  • To delete the image, click the trash icon and then click OK.       
  • Click Submit Project to submit the project to the licensor. A message box confirms that the project has been added.  

To watch a full video tutorial, please request password from Support.