Project owners can view the Licensor's comments and markup on their most recent submission while the project is in the Comments for Licensee folder.

NOTE  "Markup" refers to comments entered directly on the attachment file preview.

To view Licensor comments on the most recent submission

  1. Select the Comments for Licensee folder.
  2. In the Project List pane, click on a project to select it and show project details.
  3. In the Project Detail pane, the History tab is open by default. Select the submission with the most recent Updated date and do either of the following:
  • Click the markup icon at the bottom of the attachment thumbnail to view markup and comments.
  • To view all markup or no markup, select from the All Markup list.
  • To download one or all files, click Download or Download All.
  • To print the markup file, click Print Markup.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to view Submission History and comments.

  • From the Submission History dialog, users can view Licensor comments and markup, preview or download the attachment, and print the Submission History.

NOTE  Because there is no submission history for projects in the New Projects folder, the History tab is hidden when this folder is open.