Once you submit a project, it will reside in the 'New Projects' folder until authorized into the approval workflow. The licensor authorizes a new project by moving it into the 'Submissions for Licensor' folder. The project submission is then reviewed by the reviewer team(s) and they add their comments. Once they have finished, the licensor will send the comments to you by moving the projet to the 'Comments for Licensee' folder. Project(s) in the Comments for Licensee folder are waiting for your nexxt actions (adding a new submission or revised artwork, etc). When you have the next submission ready to go, return to the project in the 'Comments for Licensee' folder and click 'Add Submission' to add the new artwork and any notes. After you have done this, the project moves back into the 'Submissions for Licensor' folder to be reviewed again by your licensor. This process could continue many times, or it could go through this cycle even just once or twice (depending on the project and your licensor).

If you ever have any trouble finding a project, use the 'Advanced Search' folder, as that will enable you to search all of your projects (regardless of which folder they are in). Here's a link for using Advanced Search: http://mediabox.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/125766-what-is-the-best-way-to-locate-a-project-on-mediabox-