Product Code Updater

The Licensor may require the product SKU number at any stage in the approvals process.

When the SKU number is required, you will be prompted to enter the necessary information into

the Product Code Updater. The Product Code Updater will open automatically, before you are

able to add the next submission.

To add SKU information in the Product Code Updater

1. Open the Comments for Licensee folder and click on the project to select it and show project details.

2. In the Project Detail pane, select the Add Submission button.

3. If the SKU info is required , you will receive a pop-up notice as shown below and click OK:

4. In the popup window, do the following:

● Click Edit Icon

Item Type - (required) Select the appropriate option from the dropdown menu,
for example SKU (for merchandise projects), ISBN (for publishing), etc.
 Item Code - (required) Type the SKU (or ISBN, etc.) here.
○ IF there is already a number here, it’s because you entered the SKU (or
ISBN, etc.) or a placeholder number on the approval form in the Project
Wizard. If this is the correct Item Code, don’t change it. If it is incorrect,
please type over it with the correct number.
Product Name - (required) If the value shown here is the name of your
product, don’t change it. If it is not, please edit accordingly.
Cost - (optional) If you know the production cost per unit, you may enter it here. *Note: Some PA sites do not require Cost.*
● Click Save to save your changes. Click Cancel to exit without saving.

5. (Optional) You may also add info to the following fields:
Product Description - add any additional product info here
Characters - if there are options visible, you may select the character(s) included in the
product design. Note: hold the CTRL button to make multiple selections.

Select Attachments - Select the Primary attachment to send to Royalty Management with Product Code
Bypass Product Codes - Only IF you do not know the SKU number for this product, or IF this
project is for an item that will not have a SKU number (because it’s packaging, for example), then
click this button.
○ IF you bypass the product code because you do not know the SKU at this time, please explain by
sending a Message to the Licensor. *Note some PA sites do not allow Bypass.*

6. Click Save to finish. Click Cancel to exit without saving.

7. You will now be directed to the Add Submission window, where you may continue
    adding the next submission.